Strong value based leadership is now more than ever important to the City.

  • With my diverse background I will bring a fresh perspective by creating a safe, welcoming environment where residents live, work and see their businesses flourish. It is important to have an inclusive community where all people feel accepted. Our housing policies should make sure that people of all ages and income levels can live in PG. This is even more apparent during the current pandemic.
  • With my financial qualifications I will bring fiscal responsibility by supporting meaningful revenue streams to offset the two major shortfalls that we face today: the growing loss in revenue due to the pandemic and the City’s unfunded liability.
  • I will use my relationship experience from my personal and professional life to collaborate and establish strong relationships with the community and the neighboring regions and be transparent to the residents in every action.
  • As a father of three, and my personal experience with providing family care to elders, I have a personal stake in the importance of safe and successful schools and the support that seniors need within the community.
  • Culture and tradition has been my upbringing and has shaped me to who I am today. I will ensure that every step that I take will be in keeping with the City’s vision of preserving historic resources, promoting sustainable development and respecting the environment.