My first vote as a US citizen!

For many folks like me who have gone through the citizenship process, getting to vote in itself is a super exciting event! So here it is in all its glory…another one for my memories and what truly makes me feel like a US citizen! It was such a super easy process, no lines and all the time in the world for a few pictures while dropping the ballot in! Speaking of ballots, have you voted yet? 🙂

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Endorsed by and featured in the editorial of the Monterey County Weekly!

I am super excited to announce that the Monterey County Weekly has endorsed my candidacy! In addition to the endorsement I was featured in the editorial write-up!

The Weekly has won nearly 100 local, regional, state or national editorial awards for editorial content, design and photography so this is such an honor!

Grab the October 8th 2020 print issue of the Weekly at over 900 locations in Monterey County to read more. Bonus: you can also catch a picture of me at one of my favorite spots in P. G.!

Alternatively find the e-newsletter version here (opens up in a new tab):

Mr. Kampe’s words of endorsement

As you all may know Former Mayor of Pacific Grove Mr Bill Kampe’s invaluable work, leadership, accomplishments and commitment to the City of Pacific Grove and the central coast are unparalleled. It therefore brings me great pleasure to say that Mr. Kampe took time to pen some words of endorsement for me:

“I highly endorse Chaps Poduri for PG City Council.  Chaps brings thoughtful insight into the issues facing our city, relevant government finance experience, and an engaging manner that embraces and treasures the quality of life that we enjoy in Pacific Grove.’

Thank you, Mr. Kampe!